Unmasking the Deceptive Digits: The 02045996818 Scam Calls in London


On the busy streets of London, a seemingly harmless figure hides a treacherous secret. 02045996818 is a UK-based landline provider that has become synonymous with deception, fraud and danger. Let’s delve into the dark depths of this mysterious number and uncover its true nature.

Caller: Discount Offer (Scam)

Our story begins with a caller posing as a representative from O2, a well-known mobile phone provider. Weaponized with tempting promises, they call unsuspecting numbers and lure victims into their web of deception. Your weapon of choice? 30% off new upgrades. But be careful—their intentions are anything but noble.

Fraud discovered

Here’s the thing: The call started innocently enough. The voice on the other end talks about discounts, upgrades, and exclusive offers. Who wouldn’t be tempted by such an offer?

O2 verdict

But wait! O2 has a different story to tell. They claim they never contact customers over the phone to offer such offers. In fact, there is only one call center in the UK. All other claims are fraudulent.

Real encounter with 02045996818

1. “O2” Permanent Representative

Caller ID: 02045996818


You are having afternoon tea and your phone rings. A tempting number appeared on the screen: 02045996818. Out of curiosity, you answered the call. A friendly voice introduced himself as an O2 representative. They promise an amazing 30% off on your next mobile upgrade. Tempting, right?

Red flag:

The caller insists that a one-time password be sent to your phone.

They claim this is a security measure to verify your account.

You will be asked to share your password. You obey innocently.


Within hours, your O2 account becomes a battlefield. An unknown iPhone appears in your order history. The bill exploded. you were fooled. Real O2? They never call like this.

2. The unsuspecting victim

Victim: Ms Thompson, resident of London


Ms Thompson received a call from 02045996818. The caller claimed to be calling from her bank, asking her to check her account details. She trusted the known area code and passed on her personal information. The next day, her bank account was wiped out. A real bank? You never initiate a phone call.

3. The Silent Line

Location: Hackney, London


Multiple residents reported receiving calls from 02045996818. When they answered, there was silence. No sound, no automated messages—just eerie silence. Some suspect this is a reconnaissance mission by fraudsters testing the situation before launching a full-scale attack.

Community response:

Neighborhood watch groups are spreading warnings. consensus? Block the number. Stay alert. The silent procession could be a precursor to something more sinister.

Remember, 02045996818 is more than just a sequence of numbers – it’s a gateway to deception. Authenticate calls, protect your passwords, and keep your digital armor intact. There may be plenty of activity on the streets of London, but scammers are also lurking in the shadows.

How we protect ourselves from 02045996818

Caller ID verification:

Always check the caller ID before answering the call. If the number looks unfamiliar or suspicious, be careful.

Remember, scammers can manipulate caller ID to make it look legitimate. Don’t rely solely on the numbers shown.

Verify the caller’s identity:

If the caller claims to represent a company (such as O2, a bank or other service provider), ask for their full name, department and callback number.

Independently verify the authenticity of the caller by contacting the official customer service number of the organization. Do not use the number provided by the caller.

Never share confidential information:

Never give out personal or financial information over the phone unless you have made the call and are sure of the recipient’s identity. Even if the caller seems friendly or authoritative, be careful. Liars can persuade.

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One-time password:

Be wary of one-time password requests sent to your phone. Reputable organizations rarely ask for such codes over the phone. Do not share your password with anyone unless you understand the context.

Hang up and call back:

If you receive a suspicious call, hang up immediately. Independently find the agency’s official customer service number and call back to verify the legitimacy of the call.

Block number:

If you repeatedly receive scam calls from a specific number (such as 02045996818), block these calls on your phone. Most smartphones allow you to block unwanted calls.

Notify family and friends:

Warn your family and friends about common phone scams. Encourage them to take similar precautions.

Report a scam call:

Report fraudulent calls to the appropriate authorities. In the UK you can report it to the Action Fraud Hotline. Sharing your experience can help prevent others from falling victim to the same scam. Check our Parent’s site Software Bench.

Stay Alert

So, dear reader, please heed this warning. If the number 02045996818 flashes on the screen, proceed with caution. Verify the authenticity of a quote or phone call before sharing personal information. Remember, the real O2 doesn’t dance with charlatans.

Stay vigilant, protect your passwords, and let this cautionary tale echo through London’s digital corridors.

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